Four Twenty

Many things make Boulder, Colorado a unique place to call home. Incredible mountains, ridiculously fit people, proximity to some of the best hiking and skiing in the country, an extremely educated population, and a truly dedicated focus on quality of life.

And weed, of course. Despite my somewhat traditional Texan upbringing, I long ago washed away my former conditioning of seeing marijuana as something negative. As I've found to generally be true, most things in the world are just fine in moderation. It was fun to experience my first 4/20 in Colorado yesterday with an impromptu gathering and concert by a Boulder favorite, The Infamous Stringdusters. A bit of a party broke out a little after 4:20 downtown, and the absolute biggest joint I've ever seen made it's way around the crowd. Despite this technically being very illegal (Colorado law states you can only consume marijuana on private property), the police didn't make an appearance at the event.

We may do things a little differently in Boulder and Colorado in general, but I think that's what makes it special to live here.