2014: Year in Review

It’s exciting to look back at 2014 and consider everything that’s happened. From the big move from Texas to Colorado, to traveling around Israel with a huge group of incredible people (feels like yesterday), spending time camping in Big Bend and Marfa, Texas, visiting my sister in Atlanta, exploring Venice and the countries along the Adriatic with the extended family, and touring Texas with my German roommate, it’s been a pretty special year. Looking through my photos from the past twelve months, I’m blown away by the people that have come into my life, the incredible conversations I’ve had, and the overwhelming compassion I’ve experienced.

The following may not all be the technically best photos from my year, but they’re some of the ones that mean the most to me. These images show people in love, people in pain, and those simply in their most comfortable environments. They show moments of joy, places that consumed me, and the faces of people that have enriched my life and broadened my perspective on the world around me. These photos hold some of the most powerful moments and experiences from my year. I hope you enjoy.


Truly, thanks to all of you who were a part of my year. It's been a wonderful one and I look forward to 2015 with each of you.