One of the many perks of living in this beautiful city is the amount of events and festivals that happen on a regular basis. I've never lived in a place that seems to so purposefully focus on congregating residents and enjoying the land and the company.

With a reasonably small population, Boulder tends to bring out familiar faces when these events come around. I've written a bit in the past about some of the performers, musicians, and general "regulars" I see while I'm out and about in the city. Sometimes I hear street musicians I know from around a corner. Some of the performers have their spots in the city where they've dug in their heels over the years. When these festivals do pop up, I find the man pictured by following the sound of loud, live music. Find the music and there's a good chance you'll see him dancing or swaying or just standing and smiling in an almost spiritual way. He will most likely be the first person you spot in a crowd or audience – he is remarkably thin and confidently splits the difference between six and seven feet in height.

I have tried to approach him in the past, but reconsidered, not wanting to interrupt his dancing. This past weekend at the Boulder Creek Hometown Festival I caught him on a short break and asked to shoot a picture. This smile was the result of my question, along with a soft, "yes." Before I knew it he was back up on his feet and moving again (before I could even get his name). That said, I'm sure I'll have ample opportunity to put a name to the face. Just need to chase the vibrations.