This is Buster. He's a soft-spoken, resourceful, subtly witty, gentle-natured but tough man who hangs around Magnolia in the Near Southside part of Fort Worth. I met Buster last year during a stint working with the great people of Schaefer Advertising Co. Buster tends to stick around near the Schaefer office on Magnolia and the good folks at Schaefer have welcomed him into their family.

Buster is the type of guy you can sit down next to and have a long conversation about pretty much anything. Inevitably, the conversation journeys through Buster's past experiences in a series of often surprising, novel-worthy stories (check out the January, 1970 edition of National Geographic for a shot of him in an Igloo he built). Every time I talk to Buster, I feel like I'm talking to family. He speaks with a respect, familiarity, and bluntness that seems to come naturally to people I've met who have lived on the streets. I managed to stumble across him close to the sunset last night when the light was getting nice and he (with a quick, indifferent shrug) voluntarily let me shoot a couple portraits.

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