Exploring Western Texas

A few miles added to the odometer, a few photos taken, a few showers neglected, lots of great conversations, and my whirlwind of a 5-day trip around western Texas has come to an end. I intentionally set off with very few plans for my journey, other than spending a couple nights in Big Bend National Park. After two days of pleasant camping in unfortunately dreary, overcast weather, I ventured out of the park and up to the charming towns of Alpine and Marfa.

Luckily, I stumbled upon El Cosmico in Marfa, where I made camp for the next few days. El Cosmico is a funky place, oddly similar in vibe to many of the hostels I've stayed at around Europe. They offer a range of accommodations, including teepees, vintage RVs, and safari tents with heated mattresses and chandeliers, to name a few. I went the more basic (and cheap) route and popped up my own tent.

It's difficult to comprehend the sense of space you're confronted with out here. There's so much emptiness surrounding you all the time. In combination with the crisp light, desert textures, and earthy colors, this part of the world really is quite impressive. It's no wonder so many artists and art lovers end up out here. After trying my hand at shooting landscapes, it was a welcome change to make it into the towns and shoot some portraits. It only took a few short days in Marfa to start seeing familiar faces and remembering names. Although this was my first time out to western Texas, it certainly won't be my last. I hope you enjoy the photos from my journey.

Sunrise from the Lost Mine Trail. Big Bend National Park, TX
Sunrise from the Lost Mine Trail. Big Bend National Park, TX
Santa Elena Canyon
Santa Elena Canyon. Big Bend National Park, TX
Rio Grande Observation Point. Big Bend National Park, TX
Hot springs. Big Bend National Park, TX
Rusty's Jeep
Rusty's Jeep. Alpine, TX
Food Shark. Marfa, TX
Travis and Lauren
Travis and Lauren, with their traveling Airstream shop, Small Room Collective while stopped at El Cosmico. Marfa, TX.
Travis and Lauren
George, Travis, and Lauren. Truly wonderful, kind people (and dog). Marfa, TX
El Cosmico
One of the RVs available to rent for the night at El Cosmico. Marfa, TX
George, keeping a watchful eye over El Cosmico. Marfa, TX
Brian, a Canadian photographer on vacation with two other fellow Candians who made the trek via car. Marfa, TX
Ranger, foster dog. Marfa, TX
Sally, one of the friendly El Cosmico employees. Marfa, TX
At El Cosmico. Marfa, TX
Chandler, bike mechanic for one of the cross-country cycling trips that stopped at El Cosmico for a night. Marfa, TX
Chinati Foundation
The Chinati Foundation. Marfa, TX
Chinati Foundation
The Chinati Foundation. Marfa, TX
Ty, owner of The Lone Horse
Ty, owner of the Lost Horse Saloon. Marfa, TX
At El Cosmico. Marfa, TX
Jim, professional pianist and piano teacher visiting from California. Marfa, TX
Small Room Collective at El Cosmico. Marfa, TX
Technicolor Hearts
Technicolor Hearts. They put on an awesome, intimate concert my last evening at El Cosmico. Marfa, TX
Jeff, an American cyclist riding from El Paso to Austin during his time off from leading cycling tours in France. Marfa, TX
Prada Marfa. Valentine, TX