Above all, the thing I respect about photography (and the reason I do it every single day) is its ability to capture honest moments – bits of truth. The subtleties of both our emotions and the connections between individuals are the most important details in life. These are the things that deserve and demand to be put down on film and in prints. I shoot with a documentary style and credit endless hours in darkrooms during my time in college for my dedication and persistence to create meaningful, beautiful images.

I was born in the state of Texas and wandered the world butchering more than a handful of languages before ending up in Boulder. I’m an introverted extrovert, a dog person, a reader. I prefer trains to airplanes and hand-written letters to emails. I start every day with coffee and my ideal evening consists of a glass of beer and a good, thought-provoking conversation.

It would be an honor to work with you and add a bit of your story to mine.